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What advantages do I get when I pay my bill online at EasyPaymentSM?
Paying your bill online has a number of benefits.

It's the quickest way to pay. When you use our online-payment feature, we credit your payment within 24 hours of receiving your payment.
It takes just a few clicks of your mouse and you use no envelopes, no stamps.
Your check never will get lost in the mail.

How can I be sure my payment information is secure?
Diversified Adjustment Service uses the industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol to keep your payment information secure. Each time you log on to make an on-line payment our server starts an SSL session. This means it sends your browser its public key. In turn, your browser sends a randomly generated secret key to our server. This creates a format for guarding the integrity of transmitted data.

What do I need to pay my bill online at EasyPaymentSM?
All you need is a Visa or MasterCard with enough available credit to cover the amount of your payment, or you may pay by check using the Electronic Check option if you have available funds in your account. 

What if I want to pay with an American Express or a Discover credit card on EasyPaymentSM?
EasyPaymentSM can not accept these cards but if you call 1-800-279-3733 your Account Representative will assist you to pay by phone.

Should I enter my online payment in my check register if I pay by Electronic Check?
Yes. Enter the payment in your check register and deduct the amount of the payment from your account balance, just like you would a regular check.

What if I donít have enough money in my bank account to cover my Electronic Check?
Despite the advantages of EasyPaymentSM you still need sufficient funds in your checking account to cover the Electronic Check payment you make. If there are not enough funds in your checking account your bank will advise us that your payment cannot be honored and the maximum state allowable non-sufficient funds fee will be added to your account, unless you are a resident of Wisconsin or Massachusetts.

What if my Credit Card limit is less than the balance I owe?
Pay as much as your credit card allows, then call your credit card company and ask them to increase your limit. Be sure to call 1-800-279-3733 and let your Account Representative know that you are in the process of securing the funds to pay your balance in full.

What if I canít pay my balance in full today, can I make a partial payment?
Yes. All payments received on EasyPaymentSM will be applied to your account but collection activity may still continue unless your Account Representative has agreed to accept your partial payment.

What if I donít know my account number?
If you complete the other questions we ask when you make your payment online, we will locate your account using your name, address and Social Security number.   

What if I am paying the bill for someone else?
Thatís ok. Be sure to provide the information (name, address, and Social security number) for the individual who has an account at Diversified Adjustment Service.

Do I have to provide my Social Security Number to make a payment?
No, but if the account is not in your name we need the Social Security number or our account number of the individual you are paying for to ensure proper application of the payment.

Will I be able to view my account or my payment history online?
No, that option is not available at this time.

What if I want to post-date my online payment?
EasyPaymentSM cannot accept post-dated payments. Call 1-800-279-3733 and your Account Representative may be authorized to accept your post-dated payment by phone. (This depends on the state you live in, your creditor, and your account history).

When will my Account Representative be notified I made my payment?
Usually within 24 hours.

What if I want to pay a bill that is not at Diversified Adjustment Service on EasyPaymentSM?
We only accept payments for Diversified Adjustment Service.

What if I donít know the balance on my account?
Call 1-800-279-3733 for assistance. (If you pay more than the balance on your account we will refund the difference).

What if I have more than one account at Diversified?
We will pro-rate your payment equally between your accounts unless you specify an account number to apply the payment to. 

When will my creditor be informed of my online payment?
Just like payments received in the mail, this depends on whom you owe. Occasionally there is a delay between the date we notify your creditor of your payment and when they process it. Feel free to have your creditor call our office to verify your payment anytime during our normal business hours.

If my account has been reported to the Credit Bureaus when will they be informed of my payment?
Usually within 30 days.

Will the charge show up on my Credit Card statement as Diversified or in my creditorís name?
The charge will appear as Diversified Adjustment Service.

What if I want to cancel or stop the payment I just made?
Because of the rapid processing time payments usually may not be cancelled once submitted.

Why does the speed of EasyPaymentSM vary?
Numerous things affect the speed of a site on the Internet. Some of these things include the speed of your modem, noise on the phone line, your ISP connection, the amount of traffic on your ISP, the amount of traffic on the Internet, the amount of traffic on our site, etc.

What if I have more questions or need help making a payment online?
Call 1-800-279-3733 for assistance.

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